Reserved Grooming

Reserved grooming is now closed.


Reserved Grooming Rules

  • The reserved grooming committee will attempt to accommodate individuals wishing to have adjacent grooming space, but requests cannot be guaranteed.
  • A limit of two 15 amp dryers may be operated simultaneously in any one 60 sq. ft. grooming space (three in an 120 sq. ft. grooming space).
  • Power will be provided to each paid grooming space. Personal extension cords in aisles are avoided for safety reasons.
  • The Reserved Grooming Committee may request crates be stacked to assure clear aisles and traffic flow.
  • No dogs will be allowed to be left in the grooming area overnight. Opening and closing hours of the building will be clearly posted. Anyone not removing their dogs by the posted closing time will be charged $5.00/dog per minute for every minute they are late removing the animal(s).
  • Individuals are responsible to maintain cleanliness of grooming space.
  • Blowing out chalk, talc, powder or other particulate grooming products with a force-air dryer in the building is prohibited. A designated outdoor area with table and force-air dryer will be available for use.
  • The Reserved Grooming Committee will be the arbitrator of all issues with respect to reserved grooming. They will have the authority to expel anyone from the grooming area or to call an event committee on any individual(s) who choose not to comply with the above rules.


There will be a limited number of non-reserved no-power spaces available.