Elements of the Standard


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

(Following Sweepstakes)


Entries are now closed.


These classes will be judged according to the AKC standard for the breed .


Dog must be entered in a class at the 2016 SCA National Specialty (performance or conformation class) and must be at least 6 months of age. Entire Entry will be limited to 120.


Entry fee for each class in Elements of the Standard is $9.00 per dog per class. You may enter as many or as few classes as you wish.


The judges for this event:  Carol Hjort, Kate Muncaster, Dawn Wilders

They will evaluate each class without consulting each other. They will evaluate only that element of the standard which applies to each individual class. Judges scores will be added to determine a winner. All dogs who have received at least (one) 1 vote from the judges will remain in the ring and a winner will be announced. Dogs owned, co-owned or bred by these judges will be ineligible.


Classes offered are:

  • Best Male Head
  • Best Female Head
  • Best Male Coat
  • Best Female Coat
  • Best Front
  • Best Rear
  • Best Side Gait
  • Best Feet
  • Best Tail
  • Best Proportion & Substance
  • While the above are serious classes, we will finish with Best Male Samoyed Vocalist and Best Female Samoyed Vocalist.

Judges’ decisions are final.

The SCA will offer a rosette to the winner of each class.

Copies of the AKC Standard for the breed will be provided in the Elements catalog so that spectators can read the part pertaining to each separate class to make it a learning experience. Similar classes are held at specialties in Australia and the UK and are extremely important to breeders there.

Questions? Contact Jeanne Nonhof, moonlighter3@frontier.com