SCA 2016 Samoyed Art Show


The Samoyed Club of America 2016 National Specialty will include the ever-popular Samoyed Art Show.

This will be our 17th consecutive Samoyed Art Show!

Entries are now closed.


How to Enter the Samoyed Art Show 

Anyone may enter the Samoyed Art Show. You need not be a member of the Samoyed Club of America in order to participate. 

You do not need to attend the National in order to enter the Samoyed Art Show, but your artwork must be there for judging and display. If not attending, you must arrange for your artwork to be delivered to the site on time, as well as picked up after the show. Please contact the Art Show Chair for additional details if you will not be in attendance yourself.

 Entry Deadlines: 

  • Entries must be pre-registered by September 26, 2016.
  • The actual items must be delivered to the Art Show Committee for judging and display by 5pm on Monday, October 10, 2016. 
  • Art show begins 5:00 Tuesday, October 11.

Registration fee: $5.00/entry


Artwork Entry Categories 

2-Dimensional Category

May include artwork created on a flat surface, using any medium. This may include, but is not limited to: chalk or oil pastels, watercolor, oil, ink, pencil, crayon, acrylic, gouache, etc. 

3-Dimensional Category

May include sculpture, carving, stained glass, beading, mosaic, welding, papier-mâché, pottery, etc. The possibilities of this category are limited only by your imagination! 

Photography Category

The photography category is subdivided into: 

• Color Photography
• Black & White Photography

Digital enhancement is allowed. 

Fabric Art Category 

Fabric art is, basically, any artwork made of fiber. It may include dimensional or flat pieces.  

There are 3 sub-categories of Fabric Art:

• 100% Samoyed Hair

This is an item made entirely of either pure Samoyed hair or a Samoyed hair blend (with wool, angora, silk, etc.) 

• Samoyed Hair-Embellished

These items are not made entirely of Samoyed hair, but they have at least some amount of Samoyed hair (or blend) incorporated into the piece. This could be something such as an afghan with Samoyed hair fringe, a hanging with a Samoyed hair element, wool socks with Samoyed hair toes and heel, or a beret with a Samoyed hair topknot. 

• Samoyed-Motif Fabric Art

This is fabric art with some sort of decoration depicting Samoyeds. Possible examples would include a hand painted jacket, a quilt with a Samoyed appliqué, a Christmas stocking with an embroidered Samoyed, a cross-stitch piece, beadwork, etc. 

And new this year – a YOUTH category for entrants 14 years of age or younger.


Mastery Level 

For the purposes of judging, artists shall also designate their entries in one of these 2 categories: 

• Amateur
• Professional

What is the difference between the Professional and Amateur Mastery Levels?

This distinction has nothing to do with whether or not a person makes a living selling their art (or has ever sold a piece).  Your mastery of one technique/medium might be at an amateur level, while you may be an “old pro” when creating art in a different medium.

It is up to YOU to decide what level of mastery you have achieved in any given medium. 
As such, if you enter more than one item in the Samoyed Art Show, each entry should be designated at the appropriate mastery level for your work in that specific medium.

So if you feel you are working at an amateur level in a certain medium, then you should designate any pieces done using that medium as the Amateur category. If you feel your mastery of a given medium is at professional level, you should enter your masterpieces made with that technique/medium in the Professional category.


Preparation of Entries 

We suggest that 2-Dimensional pieces and photographic pieces be protected. They also need to be displayable. Matting serves this function very well. Frames are also acceptable, but not required. If your piece is likely to smudge, we suggest you cover it with shrink-wrap, glass, acrylic or a similar type of protection. Entering good quality prints of your original work is another excellent way to avoid smudging.  

Please mark your artwork with your name, in a location that will not show during display, such as the bottom of 3-dimensional pieces or the back of 2-dimensional pieces. Fabric pieces may be marked on the inside or with an attached tag.





Thank you for your interest in entering the 2016 Samoyed Art Show. We look forward to seeing your artistic masterpieces!  

If you have any questions, or if you need to mail your pre-entry form, please contact or send the form to Deborah Fiedler

MAGICMISTIC7@GMAIL.COM or (909) 533-0416

1481 Turquoise Ave
Mantone, CA 92359-1258